Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

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  Plastic surgery
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      Double Chin Liposuction


Appearance: Excess fat under the chin creating a double chin.

Surgery: This surgery involves removing the fat in the double chin through aspiration, using small metal tubes, known as cannulas, of various sizes. The incisions are 3mm long.

Length of the operation: The operation usually lasts only 30 minutes.

Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia.


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Description: At first, the surgeon injects a medicated solution made of saline and adrenaline. This allows the fat to be removed more easily and helps reduce the amount of post-operative bruising. Through tiny incisions, a narrow metal tube (a cannula) is inserted and used to vacuum the excess fat. Then a firm supportive dressing is placed around the chin.

Post-Operative: This operation does not require an overnight stay. Pain killers are administered and swelling around the operated area occurs. Definite results are seen after 3 months.

Risks: Bruising as well as pain may occur as the patient starts to move the chin. There are some cases of infection, though these are rare. We do not recommend this operation in the case of muscles that have given way and have left an appearance similar to that of stretched strings going from the chin to the lower part of the neck. Treatment in this case involves the narrowing of the muscles, not liposuction




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