Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

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  Plastic surgery
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      Breast Reduction


Appearance: Heavy breasts that often sag and cause upper back pain, neck pain, postural difficulties, bra strap pain, and skin sores underneath the breasts.

Surgery: Consists of volume and mammary gland reduction.

Length of the operation: Depending on the technique, you choose, and on the excess tissue, the procedure can last on average between 2h30 to 3 hours.

Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia.


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Description: With a dermatological pen using marine ink, the surgeon will outline the precise place where the incisions will take place. Mastopexy techniques vary, but the most common procedure involves either an anchor-shaped incision, in the shape of a J or L following the natural contour of the breast, or a 'vertical scar' technique.
Once the excess tissue is removed, the nipple and areola are remodelled; here the surgeon will pay particular attention to the mammary gland. The stitches are of the resorbable kind, and the drainage is done by aspiration. The patient is administered antibiotics and given a slightly compressive bandage.

Post-Operative: There is a 48 to 72 hour hospital stay to ensure that the drainage is correctly done. The drain is removed at the patient’s bedside. You must wear a support bra day and night for one month and the stitches are usually removed on the 12th day after surgery. Depending on the technique used, you may have definitive results as of a fortnight to three months after the surgery.

Observations: We do not recommend surgery if the patient is considering pregnancy within the year. A mammography is compulsory before surgery and the removed glands systematically undergo a histological examination to detect any hidden tumour. After surgery, you will find that the breasts are bruised, swollen and uncomfortable. In 99% of the cases, there is no loss of feeling in the nipples.

Risks: Bruising; infection; pain around the nipples (rare); scar widening; keloids.

Important! Pay extra care when wearing the safety belt too tight.





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