Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

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  Plastic surgery
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      The Mammography


A mammography is a Radiographic examination of the breast that millions of women have had done for the past 25 years.

This examination aims at screening and establishing a diagnosis, particularly in the case of Breast Cancer. It must be said that a mammography is less reliable on young breasts as they are denser. This examination should be completed during the first half of the women’s cycle so as to avoid creating a premenstrual oedema.

A mammography must be made regularly (every 2 years when there are no pathological reasons).

- in women that are over 45
- in women who have a family history of Breast Cancer
- in women that have had no children
- in women who show signs of a recent lump

In Plastic Surgery a mammography is prescribed in the case of :

- Breast reduction
- to check the implant and see if an outer shell has formed and also to check the mammary gland.




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