Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

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  Plastic surgery
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      Liposuction of the ankles


Appearance: The legs look like “poles” and have neither curves nor shape around the ankles.
Surgery: This surgery involves removing the excess fat through aspiration, using small metal tubes, known as cannulas, of various sizes. The incisions are 3 to 4mm long.

Length of the operation: 1hr 30 minutes

Anaesthesia: The surgeon and you will decide whether to have general anaesthesia or an epidural.

Description: At first, the surgeon will inject a medicated saline and adrenaline solution. This allows the fat to be removed more easily and helps reduce bruising. Through tiny incisions above the tarsus (the joint which connects the foot with the leg) the excess fat is gently vacuumed and with great precaution on the ankles either on the exterior or the interior side. Finally, the surgeon closes the incisions using dissolving thread and places a firm supportive dressing.

Post-Operative: If the operation is minor, you will usually be admitted on the day of surgery and stay until early evening as an outpatient. Otherwise, there tends to be a 24 hour hospital stay. Pain killers are administered on demand and the dressings are changed during your stay in hospital. You must wear the girdle for 15 days to 1 month. You will see definite results as of the third month, though one month later the results in volume reduction are clearly visible.

Observations: Warning: This surgery is often not very satisfactory and is rarely efficient as the area that is treated does not vacuum well. Prior to the operation a a Doppler ultrasound examination of the lower legs must be made.

Risks: Bruising and some pain on movement. In some cases, though rare, infections may occur. There could also be some skin irregularities, lymphatic and circulatory troubles accompanied by constant pain.




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