Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

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  Plastic surgery
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Appearance: Hair loss with a receding hairline and sparse hair growth which can go to balding of the head. During Menopause, women may also suffer from hair loss.

Surgery: This procedure is to increase the hair volume.

Length of the operation: 1 to 3 hours depending on the procedure.

Anaesthesia: General with local anaesthetic and sedation at time of operation.

Description: There are a various procedures.
Implants: micro implants (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involve the surgical removal of a hair-bearing portion of the scalp (usually from the posterior scalp) and its relocation to an area of absent or thinning hair.
Hair Strips: the surgeon transfers a strip of follicular skin from the posterior scalp to the bald area so as to cover it.
Skin extension: the surgeon places on the follicular skin balloons which are filled twice a week with saline solution and which has the effect of extending the skin. Then after 6 to 8 weeks the surgeon will use this extension to cover the bald area.
Extensions: hair extensions or simply 'weave', is hair that has been bonded to your natural hair by a keratin vegetal based micro bond (similar to human hair composition) or sewn into a weft. One month later after the tension that has been created, the two areas are joined and the bald area removed.
Reduction of the bald area: the bald area is surgically removed and hair extensions are placed.

The Techniques :
Implants: Follicular Unit Transplantation is a modern hair restoration technique where the hair is transplanted in groups of 1-4 hairs – exactly as it grows in nature.
Hair Strips: Usually made for the frontal part of the head.
Skin extension: This procedure is quite restrictive and surgeons refuse 80% of the patients. It is usually done on severe cases of baldness on the cranium and on the front area.
Extensions: This procedure is usually for the cranium once the bald area has been surgically removed. The advantage is that there are no large scars.

Implants Follicular Unit Transplantation: Bruises, swelling on the area that has been treated.
Hair Strips: The skin can become painful, with possible necrosis.
Skin extension: Bruises, swelling and pain. A possible infection would be very dangerous and cause the removal of the grafts.
Extensions: There could be pain during the first 24 hours, with bruises and swelling.

The results of the implants can only observed after 4 to 6 months. As far as the hair stripping is concerned, the results are immediate. Skin extension is an excellent technique though very restrictive, particularly after the second and third week which requires professional assistance.
The same applies to hair extensions, without the inconveniences.


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